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Flagship is the practical, visible face for the ministry of The Semaphore Fellowship. Since 2013, our gallery has been home to a community of artists united by particular beliefs about who we are and why we create. You can read more about our work and purpose on Semaphore’s website.
This creative community is about more than decorating your home, office, church space. It is about language and a dialogue between artists and the viewer. We are passionate about creating powerful artwork that engages the senses and your mind and spirit.
We are so thankful to our generous donors who have helped sustain us these past years:
Doug & June Barber
Don McNally & Miki Beldman
Allan Buist
Justin & Jessie Cooper
David & Anne Culham
Donna Kaufman
Elsje B. Zwart & Richard Klajnscek
Calvin & Ines Seerveld
Jacob Ellens & Kathleen Kennedy
Michael & Zsipporah Moon
Jonathan Spaetzel