Good: solo exhibit by Tara Joy Knibbe

A Solo Exhibit by Tara Joy Knibbe

with Poetry by Brent Knibbe

October 10 – November 3, 2018

The topic of the self has been written on exhaustively. How does one think about self-concept or identity?  How and why are we persuaded to wrestle through these notions on a regular basis?

Good, the solo exhibition by Tara Joy Knibbe, captures an emotional and aesthetic exploration of Knibbe’s own personal journey into motherhood.

The uncertainty, change, transformation and trials associated with the role are illustrated in large, vibrant, abstractions for us, her audience.

In her words, the past year has been an overhaul of epic proportions.  Examining the works in the series, Knibbe is critiquing and examining her own ideologies of feminity and identity through the lens of motherhood.  The brazen, highly stylized approach to her work signifies an ownership over ideas and not an opposition to them. Knibbe has deconstructed the subject matter— the idea of what it means to be a woman— in persuit of finding her own ideology of womanhood.