Concrete Instances of Embodiment

This work is two streams of thought coming together. The first is a reflection on my personal experiences of resistance, perseverance, and frustration—each instance translated abstractly into a painting. The second is a conceptual exploration of how our experiences are traced onto our physical bodies. As a whole I’m trying to express the malleability of human form—physical, mental, and spiritual.

I spend a lot of time interviewing people about physical and mental health. Many of these people I have the honour of spending time with have physical disabilities, are high performance athletes, are of drastically varying socio-economic status, age, ethnic background, and health, and essentially would be a remarkably diverse group of people were they all to be in the same room at the same time. They teach me something about not only their story, but also about myself and the human experience. I often ask people to be highly vulnerable with me and share very personal information. I ask about health, insecurities, relationships, body image, performance, isolation, exclusion, and experiences of discrimination, to name a few. These are rarely the guise under which I enter the conversation, but they are inevitably the byproduct of speaking of any human experience.

Our lives are never straightforward or easy to explain, but by the grace and love of God we persevere in hope. There are always many interconnected factors that are heavenly and earthly, glorifying and wearying. As a result our bodies bear a complex woven resemblance of our life experience and purpose. This woven tapestry is what I care to share and communicate in my paintings.