“Feed your heart on the level of what it values most.”

The Heart of a Patron

Do you love all things visual? When you see a piece of art, you just know that it is right for you? It speaks to you. Maybe you don’t know why, but it just does. Or you see art and hear people talking about it and realize that there is potential for this conversation to change culture. It’s exciting either way. You could be an art patron!What is an art patron?

Gathering art around you, or supporting it with your time and effort, makes you an art patron. When you purchase a piece of art, it becomes part of the fabric of who you are. Part of your home. Part of your life.

Imagine gathering about you objects of art that will be with you till the day you die and feed your heart on the level of what you value most. Then you will have entered into the same room as the artist who is creating them for the very same reason.

What makes a good art patron?

I think most of us are quietly, and some not so quietly, longing for patrons who value what we value, who long to see what we see, but are loath to seem born of a belligerent, protesting or complaining spirit in their dealings with the public. We are not really wanting, for the most part, to be in conflict with potential clientele.  And yet, most of us as artists, also have bills to pay, children and cars to feed, and mortgages to keep up. In this culture, with difficulty in obtaining grants, with a un-American corporate, relatively down-low on corporate sponsorship in the arts, and with a very common penchant for fine artists to resist being seen as “promoters”,  artists are left scratching their heads.

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