Emile Ibrahim

Emile Ibrahim

Emile is a photographer raised and trained in Cairo, Egypt. Beginning at age 14, and onward through college, he was trained in the arts in Cairo. He emerged as a leader in his native country in photography, mentoring other artists and developing the community using arts. In his homeland this is no longer an easy matter for a person of faith, and as current news attests, Cairo has become a place of religious and political violence.

Emile has dealt with this in two ways:  His photography is based on compassion and respect for places and the persons who inhabit them and he relocated to Colorado Springs USA out of concern for the very safety of his family.

“I believe that a photo is capturing the moment that will never be back again. How you see things, makes a big difference!

In my work I am aiming to let you see the real place and the real people in their everyday life.  There is beauty in how the different people groups live. 

We are creatively called to express our own perspectives, thoughts and expressions.”

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