I was born and raised in Southern Ontario and currently reside there.

I have no formal training in Art. I started painting several years ago as a part of my recovery from a life-threatening car accident which left me immobile for several months.  It was revitalizing to create.

Since then, creating through art has become my life.  God has given me this talent and I use it to celebrate Him. I strive to create beauty with my gift and aim to spread His love and message through my work.

I work mostly in oils and oil/plaster but love to learn new and interesting techniques in other media as well.

I create custom artwork for personal residences and businesses.  If you are in the market for a custom piece, please contact me and we can discuss your vision. I assess your space and create a piece to suit the environment.  All of my pieces are created with a vision and purpose.

“Inspiration is in everything if you have eyes to see it.” 


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