Brian David Johnston

Brian David Johnston

Mixed Media Artist, Educator, Lecturer

For more than four decades Brian has worked in a wide range of mediums bridging the gap between traditional art-making methods and digital technology. He embraced digital imaging back in 1986 more as an innovative enhancement to his own image-making processes. Having graduated from both the Ontario College of Art & Design (OCAD – Toronto) and The University of Guelph (BA) he has pursued a dedicated career in creating and teaching visual arts.

Brian has also participated in more than 90 exhibitions internationally, nationally and regionally showing in solo, juried, invitational and group shows. He was privileged to be a part of an International photography show at the Louvre in Paris in 2016.

His main interests revolve around printmaking, painting, drawing, photography, mixed-media sculpture, lecturing and workshops using his “I-M” theory. 

“Art should encompass an exploration of the human condition; that is, what it is to be human.” ~ BDJ

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